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What People Have Said About Us....

"In a world full of the powerful ways and words of adult politicians, policy makers and bureaucrats, Caged Beastie’s media and artistic interpretations of the children’s stories through the project’s young participants was a powerful, impactful and unforgettable experience. With this level of creative and media expertise, coupled with their respectful, engaging and encouraging approach, Caged Beastie excelled our expectations, ensuring that the children were able to take central stage as active agents for social change in their own right".


Tam Baillie, Former Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland.


“Martin and the other Caged Beastie artists have provided top quality projects across our district from elementary to high school levels. They bring energy, humor and expertise to the classroom; a sharing of cultures. I can genuinely say that few other facilitators, if any, engage our students like they are able to do. We look forward to seeing them back in Alaska".


Steve Culbertson, Special Projects Coordinator, North Slope Borough School District, Alaska, US.


“Martin and the other Caged Beastie artists use innovative arts and multimedia approaches to engage teachers, students and community members in key elements of the programme. Their work provides practical ways to stimulate thought and discussion in a manner that is exciting and enjoyable, rather than purely extractive".


Laura Whitby, Programme and Development Manager, Living Earth Foundation.


“Working with Martin was great and the images we produced have become the focal point for our website and leaflets. It was a really positive experience”.


Robyn Connolly, Sassy Mums Group Member.


“Martin has the ability to engage hard to reach groups with his down to earth manner which helps to demystify the art process and produces results which look fantastic and have a lasting impact in the wider community”.


Pauline Fordyce, Community Learning and Development Worker, Liberton/Gilmerton.


“Local people, from different parts of West Edinburgh and from different groups, were actively involved at all stages of the process. They brought their knowledge and experience to the project whilst Martin brought his group skills and technical expertise to facilitate the process. The exhibition continues to inspire local people to consider what is, has been and will be important to the local community”.


Lawrence Arscott, Community Learning and Development Worker, West Edinburgh.


“Martin and the Caged Beastie artists brought skills and organisation to the project and developed great relationships with the parents and children involved. The school now has a range of photographic equipment and the skills to use it. Caged Beastie is a fantastic organisation which has left a real legacy!”


Tracey Berry, Family Liaison Worker, Forthview Primary School.


“The subtle approach taken by the artists brought about deep learning. It was like learning at different levels. Layered learning. This subtlety meant the project had a real impact".


Yvonne Barrie, Head Teacher, Broomhouse Primary School, Edinburgh.


"If Art was like this every time I'd definitely do it as a subject".


2nd year pupil at an Edinburgh High School.

"I think more young people need to know about them as they really want to help young people get the message out about things they want to change in a really exciting way".


Young Participant, Out of the Shadows, Investing in Children.


Award Winning Projects....


In recent years Caged Beastie has played a key role in projects that have won a variety of awards including Edinburgh Children and Families Achievement Awards 2008 for Hold the Fort, 2009 for Smoke Signals and 2014 for Keeping it Safe; a Koestler Award for Changes in collaboration with Andrew Low, Art in Partnership and the State Hospital, Carstairs; a First Light Movies Award for Doodle Disaster in 2009 in collaboration with Anim8s and Barnardo's Levenmouth Links and most recently a Children and Families Award 2015 for Celebrating Diversity. In 2017 we were awarded an Investing in Children Membership Award™ for our work on the Out of the Shadows project with young people in Chester-le-Street.















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