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Some Examples of our International Work...

The Power Politics Project engaged young people in schools in Aberdeenshire and Port Harcourt, Nigeria in an exploration of the impacts of the oil industry in Scotland and Sub-Saharan Africa. Caged Beastie artists Martin Ayres and Glenda Rome travelled to Nigeria and around Scotland with project co-ordinator Claire Needler to work with children and young people from both countries. The resulting films, images and comic books are now being used as part of new curriculum materials that address issues of development through the lens of oil and gas development, the predominant industry in both of the two regions. Power Politics was produced in partnership with Living Earth Foundation and Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

AUSTERITY BITES: Children’s Voices provided children and young people from eight different European principalities with the opportunity to explore the impact of government cuts on their lives and the realisation of their rights. The young participants expressed their views through the creation of their own short films and animations. The project was produced in collaboration with the Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland, Council of Europe and the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children and took Caged Beastie artists including Martin, film maker Andrew Low and musician Michael Begg to cities including Marseille, Rome, Athens, Brussels, Preston and Ghent.


You can find further info here. Films available on request.


The Polar Pairs programme was developed by Living Earth Foundation to facilitate an exchange of ideas between schools and local communities in Aberdeenshire and the North Slope Brough, Alaska. The project aimed to encourage the development of confidence and self-esteem amongst young people and promote cultural understanding and awareness in both regions. Martin and Caged Beastie artists including Glenda Rome, Scotty Wilkins and Claire Lamond travelled extensively in both countries to deliver a broad range of classes, workshops and projects.


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